It's not just a game

It's not just a game


I found the Multiverse Infiniverse on the Oculus searching for a Metaverse app.

At first i found that it was cool, being able to freely roam about the city, then to be able to purchase an apartment.

Along the way I made some real good people, they were all very helpful, kind and great to talk to that soon they became friends.

Building the Mental Health District we really made an impact where people can come and share thier stories, and those people became friends.

The community has grown, we had a couple of events that really went well and a great turnout.

We recently purchase a store in the Mental Health District where we named it Healthy Mental Me, you can visit   For every shirt sold, we donate $1.00 to the

Mental Health Coalition.

So in this game, you can make real world money with your online store, you can visit comedy clubs, night clubs, dance clubs.

Other people host Night talk shows, like "The Dope Show", We have counselors that help people with addictions, we have doctors the community can go talk to, all for free.

We all support each other and want to see everyone have a good time and grow with the infiniverse.

But wait, you can also get an education in the planetarium, or go look at vintage paintings or go to Rome and visit the coliseum.

Also, if you go on discord where you can actually ask the developers questions and they get back to you, you can also find them in the infiniverse, where they are very interested in what people have created in the world they built.

I hope you enjoy my journey thru the infiniverse.



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