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A Piece of the Action / Uptown Saturday Night

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Piece of the Action, A/Uptown Saturday Night (DVD) (DBFE) (Multi-Title)

The ideal comedy for any night is Uptown Saturday Night, a breezy joy pairing Sidney Poitier (who also directs) and Bill Cosby as pals out to recover a stolen wallet and the winning lottery ticket it holds. Henry Belafonte, Richard Pryor and Flip Wilson are also in this "fast, funny immensely likable film" (Chicago Daily News). It's Poitier and Cosby again in A Piece of the Action, portraying wily crooks who rip off the rip-off artists exploiting the poor. James Earl Jones is the cop who pushes the duo to give time to ghetto kids or do time in the pen. Join the fun as these reluctant Robin Hoods get hip to giving instead of taking!

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