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Black Kiss

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"Black Kiss" (ブラック・キス) is a Japanese film released in 2004, directed by Macoto Tezuka. It's based on a manga of the same name by Kazuo Umezu, a renowned horror manga artist known for his unsettling and surreal storytelling style.

The story of "Black Kiss" centers around a young girl named Asuka who moves into a new apartment building with her family. Asuka soon discovers that their new home harbors dark secrets, including a malevolent force that manifests through a cursed, black lipstick. This lipstick possesses anyone who wears it, driving them to commit acts of violence and horror.

As the story unfolds, Asuka and her family become entangled in the sinister events surrounding the cursed lipstick, leading to a terrifying confrontation with the supernatural forces lurking within their apartment complex.

"Black Kiss" explores themes of supernatural possession, the consequences of desire, and the psychological toll of being consumed by malevolent forces. The film blends horror elements with psychological drama, delving into the depths of human nature and the frailty of sanity when confronted with supernatural phenomena.

Directed by Macoto Tezuka, "Black Kiss" is known for its atmospheric cinematography, eerie visuals, and a sense of impending dread that permeates the narrative. The film stays true to Kazuo Umezu's distinctive manga style, capturing the unsettling and surreal atmosphere that characterizes his works.

Overall, "Black Kiss" is celebrated among fans of Japanese horror for its adherence to Umezu's macabre storytelling and its effective translation of his unsettling visions onto the screen. It's a film that resonates with those who appreciate horror narratives that delve into the darker aspects of human psyche and the supernatural.

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