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Chinatown Kid

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The Chinatown Kid has remained a popular film since its premier over a quarter century ago. not only did it feature one of Shaws' most talented, Alexander Fu-Sheng, but was also the first film to feature all 5 Venoms (sorry Wei Pai fans); eight months before the film of the same name branded them such. However when the Celestial copies hit the steet, dumbfounded viewers saw an abbreviated 86 minute film that was not the movie they had grown to love. Not only was it nearly a half-hour shorter than the Southgate version (circa 1990) but the finale was completely different. Struggling to survive the murderous gang wars of Hong Kong, Tan Tuang, a young martial arts street fighter, successfully takes on all challengers until he runs up against the savage underworld empre of Hong Kong's Triad mafia. Escaping to San Francisco, he agian tangles with criminal gangs, but this time fights his way to the top of the city's most feared gangster organization. At last, his rise to power leads to a final, murderous, gang-land war for control of all Chinatown. And in the end, Tan Tung must decide whether he will use his awesome skills to fight for evil... or for honor!

Duration: 0

Language: English
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
Format: NTSC
Region: All

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