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A young man, Kid (Marquard Bohm, Ali in FEAR EATS THE SOUL, THE AMERICAN SOLDIER, KARL MAY a. o.), stumbles through the Mexican Sierra, shot and half bled to death, carrying a suitcase containing the loot from a bank robbery. Passing out from heat and blood loss, he is found by Charles Dump (Mario Adorf, THE TIN DRUM, MANHUNT), a former gold miner living on the outskirts of ghost town “Deadlock” with his daughter (Klick discovery Mascha Elm-Rabben, later to appear in Schroeter’s BOMBERPILOT and SALOME or Fassbinder’s WORLD ON A WIRE).
As Dump realizes what’s in the suitcase, he tries to come up with a plan to get rid of its owner. As they are joined by Kid’s partner in crime, the sadistic killer Sunshine (Anthony Dawson, DIAL M FOR MURDER, DR. NO a. o.), the conflict triangle is perfect. Soon it’s everyone for himself in a violent endgame under the glistening sun where only one can walk away with the suitcase.

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