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Me & My Self-Esteem

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Do you feel you should achieve more than you do? Does it seem as if something is keeping you from realizing your dreams? Much has been said about the importance of self-esteem, and this audio series will help you reclaim that missing element in your life. Find out how trainer Leil Lowndes applied her beliefs to overcome the difficulties she faced. Build on the lessons she learned and discover the skills that will empower you. Discover how to adjust your thinking to work for you instead of against you. Apply the tools you learn from this program and see your dreams come true. Leil Lowndes is a professional author, speaker and trainer. She has shared with many audiences her personal account of a life-threatening struggle with depression. In doing so, she has provided participants with the inspiration and tools to triumph over their own particular challenges. Here's what you'll learn ... The Three P's that lead to the healing process How to identify and avoid "Esteem Terrorists" How to become "Unconsciously Competent" Techniques to safeguard your improved self-image How your thinking affects your behavior There are 6 digital audio CDs and workbook with Leil Lowndes by Rockhurst University Continuing Education Center, Inc.



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