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"Necromania" is a film directed by Ed Wood, the infamous filmmaker known for his cult classics in the realm of B-movies. Released in 1971, "Necromania" is a softcore pornographic film that is notable for being one of the few adult films directed by Ed Wood.

The plot of "Necromania" revolves around a couple, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander, who visit a mysterious sex therapist named Dr. Heidigger. Seeking to spice up their sex life, they undergo bizarre and supernatural sexual experiments, which lead them into strange and erotic encounters with other characters.

**Style and Themes**:
As with many of Ed Wood's films, "Necromania" is characterized by its low-budget production values, campy dialogue, and unconventional storytelling. While it incorporates elements of horror and fantasy, the primary focus is on eroticism and sexual experimentation, albeit within the confines of softcore pornography.

"Necromania" remains a curiosity among fans of Ed Wood and cult cinema enthusiasts due to its blend of erotica with Wood's distinctive style. Despite its adult content, it has garnered attention within the context of Wood's larger body of work, which includes other cult classics like "Plan 9 from Outer Space" and "Glen or Glenda."

Overall, "Necromania" is remembered as an eccentric addition to Ed Wood's filmography, showcasing his penchant for blending genres and exploring unconventional themes, albeit in a context that is quite different from his more widely recognized works.

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