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In this vintage martial arts action picture, vinter Chang Chi catches Fan Ta-pei and Su Hua-tzu red-handed as they steal grapes from his supplies.  To make good for what they've stolen, Chang Chi puts them to work in his winery, and soon discovers they both have a natural talents for the martial arts.  Chang begins coaching them in the finer points of Kung Fu, and one day when Fan Ta-pei and Su Hua-tzu see a thug named Yeh Hu harassing the townspeople, they stand up to the bully, only to discover he outpaces them as a fighter.  Chang Chi arrives in time to save the day, but this rekindles an old rivalry between him and Yeh Hu, and now Fan T-pei and Su Hua-tzu must get serious about their martial arts studies to protect Chang Chi and the villagers from Yeh Hu and his minions.  The World Of Drunken Master stars Jack Lung, Fei Lung and Yuen Siu Tin.
Features: Letterboxed 2.35:1 Mono Trailers
Duration: 7
Running Time: 88 mins. (approx.)
Languages: English (Dolby Digital 2.0 - Stereo - Dual Mono)
Subtitles: None 

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