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Zombie 108

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"Zombie 108" is a Taiwanese zombie horror film released in 2012, directed by Joe Chien. It's known for its over-the-top violence, graphic scenes, and its attempt to blend elements of horror, action, and exploitation cinema.

The film is set in Taipei, Taiwan, where a biochemical disaster occurs, leading to a zombie outbreak that spreads rapidly throughout the city. As chaos ensues and society collapses, a group of survivors, including a police officer, a nurse, and a prisoner, band together to fight for their lives against the hordes of the undead.

The narrative unfolds primarily within a quarantined zone in Taipei, where the survivors navigate through a city overrun by zombies, encountering various challenges and dangers along the way. The film doesn't delve deeply into character development but focuses more on visceral action and survival horror scenarios.

"Zombie 108" explores themes commonly found in zombie apocalypse stories, such as survival, human desperation, and the breakdown of societal norms in the face of an unstoppable threat. It also incorporates elements of social commentary regarding government responses to crises and human nature under extreme conditions.

The film is notorious for its extreme violence, graphic gore effects, and unabashed exploitation elements, including scenes of nudity and sexual violence. It adopts a gritty and frenetic visual style, aiming to shock and disturb viewers with its unrelenting depiction of the zombie apocalypse.

"Zombie 108" received mixed reviews, with some appreciating its unabashed embrace of exploitation and horror tropes, while others criticized its thin plot and excessive reliance on shock value. It's often considered a cult film within the horror genre, appealing to fans of extreme cinema and zombie aficionados who enjoy over-the-top gore and action.

Overall, "Zombie 108" stands out for its unapologetic approach to zombie horror, blending elements of Asian cinema with Western influences in a chaotic and brutal depiction of a city overrun by the undead.

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